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Sync Consulting Group Author: Sync Consulting Group February 27, 2020

Announcing the Sync Partnership Program

Sync Consulting Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new partner program. Sync partners are chosen based on a convergence of interests and their ability to augment Sync's service offerings to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions and product offerings to our clients. Sync and its partners work closely together to develop and share new ideas, best practices and program accelerators.

We’re pleased to welcome Insyncho and TechSera as the inaugural partners to the partner program. The team at Sync has worked closely with both companies on multiple projects over the past two plus years. We look forward to carrying these mutually beneficial relationships into the future.

Insyncho Logo

Insyncho is an engineering and operations-based management consulting firm that provides its clients with experienced resources to solve complex supply chain and logistics problems. Insyncho's consultants become an extension of its client's team to support various projects in the areas of program management, inventory management, facility layout, material handling systems design, warehouse management systems, transition management and operations start-up.

Insyncho’s engineering expertise and ability to solve complex supply chain operations problems are both skills that we find our clients need in several engagements. We’ve already worked with Insyncho to synchronize their detailed operations and engineering program implementation project plans with our detailed business and IT implementation project plans. This synergy allows us to start new projects with a comprehensive, dependent project plan that covers all departments involved over the life of a project.

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TechSera is a fast growing technology startup in the supply chain ecosystem. TechSera provides a suite of technology solutions for eCommerce, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, 3PLs, transportation and other supply chain organizations. TechSera’s technology solutions along with consulting services have helped retail clients optimize their operations and streamlines processes to improve their business model.

TechSera’s product offerings and ability to provide flexable software solutions to complex problems was a key factor in Sync’s decision to partner with them. Their integration solutions solve a need that we have seen in numerous of our engagements. Their experienced development team has been able to solve a wide variety of complex problems for their clients and we look forward to continuing to work with them to provide configurable integration solutions and custom software development for our clients.

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